TBone mashup on bike


Ten years ago an exceptionally talented, seasoned road & race biker cracked a few lame jokes with the paramedics trying to save his life.

A van jumping lanes at an Edinburgh junction ended up with half a biker through its sunroof & the other half through its windscreen.

After sliding down the van bonnet & hitting the ground (one futile attempt to crawl to his beloved bike now spinning it's merry self to Australia) both halves of that biker were folded onto a brace board & taken to hospital.

That biker is my lifelong friend - Stuart Gunn.

In the years following he's proven to be as determined, driven & positive in recovery as he always was on a bike. His intention to smash this world record reflects his approach & his limitless limitations in fundraising for four charities very close to his heart. scotia

"Okaaay, so he's blind & disabled?"... Yup.

"& he's attempting a world speed record on a motorbike?"... Yup.

"& he's bonkers, right?" ...erm, well actually... Nope! Check out Billy Baxter!

I'm pretty sure that none of us as Stuart's friends think he's bonkers. Ahem. Ok, well...suppose when we say "bonkers" we mean not entirely?

Everyone contributing to this world record attempt knows Stuart very well & have done so for a long time. As bikers or biker's chicks many got pretty used to being behind him years ago! Stuart had a "calculated risk factor" machine inbuilt in his biker brain from a young age, however seeing a 6ft lanky, 80's dandy-style teenager on a mini-moto was a sight to behold *grins*...& that's where this gets a bit more tricky.

Stuart is now registered 100% blind. So that whole "sight to behold" thing?...total bummer & hard to write about. Most of us friends probably find that part harder to cope with than he does. Stuart has simply "got on with" whatever hand he's been dealt since his original accident & that wasn't pretty.

We all know if anyone is going to break the current record, it will be Stuart. In addition to being registered blind, T's also pretty scunnered in mobility terms too & has 90% paralysis (on a good day) down his right side.

Please help us fundraise.


...what? you didn't think he was trying to raise money for himself did you?...

Brilliant photos are available thanks to Stevie Manson @zphotography.co.uk